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Welcome To Vengurla - The Beautiful Beach

Story of Creation

In the local language VENG means a hug and URLE means remaining. That is how the place got its name as VENGURLE.. ________________________________________ **Story of Creation of Vengurla** ________________________________________
Many many years ago, when Vengurla was not center of trade and commerce there is a village called Ansur (situated 4 km away from Vengurla) was the main center. Ansur was central place of old vengurla. Initial temple of Shri Sateri was placed at Ansur known as 'Mul Bhumikeche Mandir'. That time, a man from Parab family unit always march ten miles every day go to see and urge Shri Sateri Devi. As the time conceded by and the man grew older, it became extra difficult for the unfortunate guy to hold out this schedule. Still he maintained the prayers with the same moderation and enthusiasm. Sri Devi was delighted to see the commitment and pledge shown by her follower. She blessed him and promised to end his suffering by coming nearer to his residence. On the way reverse, the old man witnessed a dazzling view where a ground like construction was unexpectedly growing from the ground. He realized that Shri Sateri Devi is appearing at the peak and hugged that formation with excessive pleasure. He asked Shri Devi to continue there and stop growing. At once the structure stopped increasing. That location is nothing but toady’s Shri Devi Sateri Mandir. In the local language VENG menas a hug and URLE means remaining. That is how the place got its name as VENGURLE

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